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Why Does My Cat Watch Me Shower? Do They Want To Join? 

Cat curiosity is so widely accepted that it has even become the but of a joke. Our curious felines have truly adopted all kinds of behaviors since they have been domesticated and started sharing our living space. 

Cats are known to stare at things. They will watch you while you pee (which may or may not affect your concentration), but they will also demand that you watch them while they eat

They will, naturally, watch you shower as well. As you worry about getting them wet or stepping on them if they have curled up on the bath mat, you will inevitably want to know: why does your cat watch you shower? 

Why Does My Cat Watch Me Shower? 

Cats watch their owners shower out of curiosity, because they want something (food, to use the litter box), or because the human is actually invading their private space. 

Cats are known for keeping watch over their humans in all kinds of situations. Part of this is down to sheer curiosity. Can you imagine what we must look like to our cats? 

Cats also guard their owners when they feel they may be exposed (like when they are sitting on the toilet seat, playing a game on their mobile phone). And of course, cats have adopted the “give me what I want and give it to me now” stare. All of these reasons will play their part in your cat’s “let’s watch them while they get naked and take a shower” logic. 

They Are Curious 

Cats want to get involved in everything that goes on in their home. The bathroom just happens to be full of interesting goings on. 

There are all the different smells (both before, during and after your shower), there’s the running water, there’s the toilet paper, and the weird thing you are doing with that snake-like thing that emits water. 

There is also the fact that you may usually try to keep your cat out of the bathroom while you shower. They may wait for you outside the bathroom instead, but if they do get a chance, they will rush right in and observe what you are up to. It’s just their way of getting to know the world around them.

They Want to Use the Litter Box 

If you, like me, keep the litter box in the bathroom, you will certainly be faced with the occasional stare that translates to “get out, I want to pee”. 

Most cats need privacy when using the bathroom (don’t we all?). Some can get perfectly used to doing their business while you are in the room, while others will give you that significant look that means “get out”. 

Cats in the wild understand that they are vulnerable when peeing or pooping. They will bury the evidence to cover their tracks, and they will aim to do it on their own, so as to be able to keep an undisturbed ear out for danger. 

If your showering schedule overlaps with your cat’s kitty litter time, you will be stared at until you get the hint or finish showering. 

You Are Showering During Meal Time 

If your cat is hungry in the morning and wants to be fed, you may attract quite a lot of staring in the shower. If your morning routine involves rolling out of bed and into the shower before putting food either into yourself or your pet, you might want to rethink that habit.

You may also have fed your cat but decided to jump in the shower while they eat. This can also prove to be the wrong move, as your cat will likely want to eat in peace. 

Your best bet is to find a different routine that accommodates both your getting out of the house on time, and your cat having their peace and quiet for their morning meal. 

You Are In Their Spot 

Some cats love to spend time in the shower or bathtub. Sasha used to play with our bathtub plug for hours when she was a kitten. I’d even throw some of her balls in there, and off she would go. 

If your cat likes to lie in the tub (or the sink), they may view your intrusion as an invasion into their territory, and will stare at you until you leave the premises. And they will likely jump into the tub (preferably while still wet) to make sure you’ve caused no damage. 

They Want Your Attention 

If you’ve jumped into the shower after arriving home from work, your cat may just want your attention. Cats are not as aloof nor as unsociable as you might believe, and they do genuinely want to spend time with you.

Cats can follow you everywhere around the house as a sign of affection and interest. If they feel they are not getting enough time with you, and if they want extra cuddles, pets and playtime, they can decide to take up watch outside the shower, and patiently await your return. 

They Like The Water

Cats can also be quite fascinated by running water. Since this is not what they normally have access to, they may be quite captivated by the thing that is dripping out of your showerhead. 

Some cats will also love to bathe, or at least paw at the water. Others will like to drink it, or at least sniff it. 

If you notice your cat is interested in drinking water from the tub, make sure they are okay with their water bowl. If it’s too narrow, cats may have a difficult time drinking from it. You may catch them drinking with their paw too. 

If your cat just loves running water (or any kind of water for that matter), let them enjoy it. You may need to clean up after them, but do let them play in the tub. It will do no harm, and they can have a hell of a time. 

They Are Exploring the Bathroom 

If your cat is not usually allowed in the bathroom, they may take the opportunity to explore while you are showering. They also may feel they need to keep an eye on you, as who knows what might be lurking in there. 

Cats often stare at their owners in a loving and protective manner. They do the same to their kittens too, as well as other animal friends. However, your feline may just be taking the opportunity to get up to some mischief (toilet roll in the toilet bowl, anyone?), and is keeping an eye on you to make sure you don’t stop them. 

They Like the Warmth 

If you like taking warm or hot showers, your cat may be joining you for the warmth. This is especially common in the winter, when the rest of the house might be slightly cooler. Some cats simply enjoy the humidity, and like to take the opportunity for a little spa session while you’re in the shower. 

They Have a Routine 

If your shower interrupts your cat’s routine, they will definitely give you the look. They may be looking to eat in peace, pee in peace, or even just take their own bath. If you are showering in the middle of that, they won’t be pleased. 

Cats are creatures of habit, and they will certainly try to communicate their displeasure if your habits happen to clash with theirs. 

You’ve Provided Positive Reinforcements 

If you tend to chat to your cat while you are in the shower, or if you give them a little pet as you are going in or coming out, they will perceive their behavior as positive. In other words, they will want to keep it up. 

We are all sending our cats all kinds of signals on a daily basis, without even being aware of it. Cats take a lot of their cues from us, so rethink what you are communicating to your cat while you are moving about the house (and bathroom), and see what they may have learned from it. 

They Want to Cuddle

If your cat just wants a cuddle while you are in the shower, the best thing they will come up with is to sit patiently and look at you until you are finished. This may be disconcerting to you, but will be perfectly natural to them. 

If your cat comes up for a cuddle as soon as you come out of the shower, you’ll know this is certainly the case. 

Why Does My Cat Guard Me When I Shower?

Cats are very protective of their owners, and if they believe you are vulnerable, they will guard you. If your cat feels you may be more exposed to danger in the shower than usual, they’ll keep a watchful eye out for you.

It may have something to do with the fact you are naked, or the running water, but cats can decide to guard you while you’re cleaning yourself. They may believe that you are distracted by the action and need someone to warn you if a predator appears out of nowhere. 

Why Does My Cat Sit in the Shower After I Shower?

Your cat may like the water or the sensation of the cool (or warm) tiles, which is why they will decide to sit in the shower after you are done. 

Your cat may also just want to make sure everything is as it should be. If they view the shower as their own personal space, they may be in there to reassert some of the dominance that has been shifted when you imposed yourself on their territory. 

Why Does My Cat Get Upset When I Shower?

If your cat wants your attention for any reason, they can get upset when you get in the shower, as they can’t join you in there without getting wet.

Your cat may want to eat or pee in peace, or they may want to cuddle with you. If you have instead entered the zone of falling water, your cat may show signs of displeasure by meowing or scratching at the shower door. 

Why Is My Cat Clingy After I Shower?

If your cat seems clingy after you have showered, they may either be trying to recoat you in their smell, or just want to say they are glad you are again giving them your full attention. 

Cats like their owners to smell a certain way. If you come out of the shower smelling of something they don’t like, they will try to make you smell more like them. Which will necessarily involve rubbing themselves all over you. 

Some cats will also be weirded out by the shower itself, and they may perceive it as dangerous. When you come out unscathed, they will just be happy to see you. 

Why Does My Cat Lick Me When I Get Out of the Shower?

Since you have washed away your cat’s smell in the shower, they will lick you afterward to reapply it. 

Your cat may actually think you are unclean after your shower, since you now smell completely different than you usually do. To fix it, they will try to clean you by licking you. 

Should You Let Your Cat Watch You in the Shower?

There is nothing wrong with letting your cat watch you in the shower. Unless you are completely weirded out by it, there is no reason to make them stop.

Cats don’t understand the concept of shame, and they will not find it at all weird that you are naked. They may not be able to grasp the concept or water running all over you, but they certainly won’t find it odd that they are watching you. 

How to Stop Your Cat Watching You While You Shower?

If you really want to stop your cat from watching you shower, try these methods:

Shut the Door on Them 

If you shut the door behind you when you go to shower, your cat will eventually take the hint. Some cats will understand that they need to be somewhere else right away, while others will cry and paw at the door.

Just let them do their thing and don’t respond in any way. They will eventually learn that they should leave you alone, as long as you persevere and keep ignoring them. 

Give Them Something to Do 

You can also give your cat a toy or a meal before you get into the shower. This should keep them occupied for a time, and you should be able to enjoy some alone time in peace.

Wrapping It Up 

Don’t be weirded out by your cat watching you shower. It’s just their way of staying in the loop, or communicating that they need you to do something for them. Like getting out of the shower so they can eat in peace. 

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