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Why Does My Cat Watch Me Pee?

Cats are curious and often quite inexplicable creatures. For example, they are likely to be roused from their deepest sleep just to follow you as you walk into the bathroom. 

While you may have been hoping to slip away unnoticed and have a bit of privacy on the toilet, they likely have other plans, and will rush in just as you are about to close the door. 

Why are cats so fascinated and tend to follow us every time we walk into the bathroom? Does it have anything to do with the running water, or do they just want some company? 

Why Does My Cat Watch Me Pee?

Cats watch you pee because they are curious about everything you do and want to be near you as often as possible. They may also be responding to their natural instinct to protect you. Plus, the bathroom is such an interesting place!

The truth is we may never understand why our cats do certain things. Let us also not forget that every cat has its own distinct personality, so what seems perfectly natural to one feline will be considered completely odd by another. 

This is what cat psychology has to say about the reason they like to watch you pee:

They Are Fascinated by Running Water 

Cats simply love running water, and while not all of them will go as far as to drink from a running tap, they are prone to watching you shower, or at the least testing the water with their paw. 

We can attribute this fascination to instinct. In the wild, cats are able to access fresh running water more often than in your home. So when water does appear, they will spring to attention and check it out. 

Your cat may have learned to associate every trip to the bathroom with the appearance of water. After all, you are bound to wash your hands after you pee (at least I hope you are), so your kitty may just be awaiting that moment. 

They Want Some Attention 

Your cat may have also cottoned on to the fact that you can’t run from the bathroom that easily, which makes your sitting on the toilet the perfect opportunity to jump in your lap. 

Cats tend to follow us everywhere around the house. They want to be kept in the loop and know exactly what’s going on, but they also crave companionship. This is especially true if you are away from home a fair amount. 

Despite the aloofness we sometimes ascribe to them, our cats like spending time with us. They don’t hold grudges, want all the cuddles and affection they can get, and the bathroom just happens to be a great place to get it. 

Cats also like the way we smell, which is why they will sometimes even curl up in your pants (or underwear) while you are sitting on your throne. As they associate certain actions with certain results, they have probably already made the connection between heading into the bathroom and dropping your pants.

They Don’t Appreciate the Closed Door 

A closed door will always pique a cat’s interest. What could possibly be going on in there that would require a previously open door to now close? Or, in cat language, why would you want to exclude them for whatever it is you are doing. 

If you close the bathroom door on your cat, you can expect a fair amount of frustration and an attempt at breaking and entering. If your cat happens to know how to open the door all on their own, you can probably say goodbye to privacy altogether. 

They Want to Protect You 

Cats living in the wild understand that they are most vulnerable when sleeping, peeing or pooping, and they may have come to assume the same about us. 

So, when you go to do your business, your cat will follow you into the bathroom to protect you from any unseen dangers that might await you there. They may also decide to set up camp right outside the door, to make sure no one can disturb you. 

They Are Protecting Their Territory 

Cats may also consider the bathroom their territory, which is why they want to keep an eye on you as you invade it. After all, this is where their litter is located, and perhaps their food and water is in there as well. 

Cats are protective of their source of nourishment and their own toilet. If they are watching you pee, they are keeping an eye on you to make sure you don’t disturb either of them. 

Plus, since you are already in there, maybe there’s a chance you will refill their already full food bowl as well. 

They Are Curious by Nature 

Cats are curious creatures, and want to uncover anything and everything there is to know about a certain area, in this case, their home. 

This may be part of the reason they keep following you: they want to know what happens next, or what it means when you do such and such. This is simply their way of gathering information and staying informed about the things going on around them. 

This will help them prepare for any eventuality, so the more they are able to learn about your bathroom-going habits, the better equipped they will feel. 

They Like the Bathroom 

Cats also tend to follow you to the bathroom and watch you pee because they simply like it there. There are plenty of different smells to enjoy, there is a chance to access running water, and it’s warm and cozy as well. 

The bathroom also tends to be quiet, which is why they may like to sleep in there even when you aren’t peeing. 

They Like the Toys Available 

The bathroom also happens to be full of toys. There’s the toilet paper (always great fun), there are all the products you keep on your sink or counter, and there may be a chance of getting at the odd sponge. 

There’s a Bed in There 

Let us not forget that cats also like to sleep in the sink. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact it’s so cool and smooth, that there is fresh water there, or simply that it’s the perfect size and shape for a cat’s “if I fits I sits” logic. 

If your cat likes to watch you pee, they may just have been drawn in by the opportunity to check that the sink is still there, awaiting their pleasure. 

Why Does My Cat Sit On My Lap When I Pee?

Your cat will jump on your lap while you are peeing because they are expecting to be cuddled. They don’t care what you’re doing, they would like some affection as soon as possible. 

Your cat may also be providing some reassurance, letting you know it’s perfectly safe to pee and that there are no imminent dangers around. They have your back, and don’t mind keeping you company while you do your business. While they are there, you can also get busy and give them a little scratch. 

Why Does My Cat Sit at My Feet When I’m On the Toilet?

Your cat may be providing some reassurance while you are on the toilet, and looking to protect you at this vulnerable time. They may also just want to keep you company. 

If your cat isn’t in the mood for jumping into your lap while you’re peeing, they will likely sit next to you and observe. This may of course make you feel slightly uncomfortable, but that is not their intention. 

There is also the fact that your cat believes they are the one in charge of the relationship, so they may just be monitoring your behavior. 

Why Does My Cat Jump Into My Pants When I Am On the Toilet?

Your cat will jump into your pants while you are sitting on the toilet because it wants to snuggle and be close to you, and is attracted by your scent. 

Your pulled-down pants may appear much like a box: a snuggly, closed-in space that any cat will gladly take advantage of. Add to that the smell and the ability to get super close to you (and the added bonus of preventing you from leaving), and you can see why this behavior is perfectly logical to a cat. 

Why Does My Cat Want Me to Watch Her Pee?

Your cat wants you to watch her pee in order to feel safe and protected. They are asking you to be their lookout and guard them while they do their kitty business. 

In the wild, cats are at their most vulnerable when pooping or peeing, which is why they prick their ears up so much while doing it even in the litter box. When they ask you to come watch them pee, they are using you as a watchdog. 

If you were to suddenly bolt or get startled by something, they would know to stop and run. 

Presumably, your cat is just returning the favor when they watch you pee too. 

How to Stop Your Cat from Watching You Pee?

If you would really like to stop your cat from watching you pee, the simplest thing will be to close the door and not respond to their meowing or scratching. 

You can also simply pick them up and carry them out of the bathroom, before closing the door behind you. They will likely learn not to follow you in there after a while. 

Wrapping It Up 

If your cat follows you into the bathroom and likes to watch you pee, don’t be alarmed: this is perfectly normal and acceptable cat behavior. You can use this time to bond with them even further, or if you suffer very badly from stage fright, gently eject them from the premises while you do your business. 

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