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Why Do Cats Bring You Their Kittens? 

If your cat is pregnant, you are probably very excited to meet the kittens. You are wondering how many there will be, what color they might be, and what their personalities will be like. 

If your cat will give birth in your home, make sure she has a soft, clean and private nesting space. Don’t disturb her, make sure she has plenty of food and water and access to her litter box. Don’t try to take the kittens away or disrupt their habits. Let her introduce them when she’s ready. 

If she is an outdoor cat and plans to take herself off somewhere, let her go. She knows what she’s doing. Don’t shut her indoors, as that may just distress her. 

In either case, there will come a time when she will bring you her kittens. In fact, she may often come to you with a kitten in her mouth, and leave them in your care. What does this behavior mean, and how are you supposed to respond?

Why Do Cats Bring You Their Kittens? 

A mother cat will bring you her kittens because she wants to introduce you to them. She may also need a bit of help taking care of them and be asking you to keep the kittens safe while she has some me time. 

Think of it as your cat asking you to babysit and bond with the little balls of cuteness. She may stay with you and oversee the playdate, or she may leave them in your charge and go rest or have a prowl. 

A cat may bring you her kittens more or less often. There will be an initial introduction, where she first shows you her proud litter. After that, she may haul the kittens to you every time she needs a break. 

Don’t be surprised if your cat wants to haul you over to the kittens too. If she meows and wants you to follow her, she may be outsourcing childcare. 

Very, very rarely will a cat bring you her kittens and disappear completely. Cats who know something is wrong with their offspring will leave them somewhere and never return, as cruel as that sounds. They won’t bring them to you. 

If a cat has no maternal instincts and does not want to take care of her kittens, she will not often find a surrogate parent, but it can happen. 

Most likely, your cat is just showing you the amazing kittens she has produced and incorporating you into their new family.

Here are the reasons your cat will bring you her kittens: 

She Wants To Keep The Kittens Safe 

One of the main reasons a mother cat will bring you her kittens is to keep them safe. This is especially true if she has given birth outside your home. 

The outside world is full of predators and dangers that could harm newborn kittens. If a cat has listened to her instincts and given birth somewhere secluded that is not in your house, she will soon realize that the best place for them is near you. After all, you are not a predator, there are no predators around you, and you have shown you are capable of taking care of cats already. 

Even if your cat has given birth in your house, if she wants to leave it and check on her territory, she may bring the kittens to you to protect while she is away. 

It’s essentially a major complement. Your cat understands you are capable of protecting her babies, and is not afraid to call in a babysitting favor or two. 

She Might Need a Bit Of Help 

Cats will also bring you their kittens when they need to take a break. In the cat world, mother cats will often take care of each other’s kittens, much like we humans do. In fact, we have two cat families in the neighborhood at the moment, and all six kittens can at times be seen with just one mother cat present, the other one undoubtedly taking a well-earned nap. 

When your cat brings you her kittens, she’s just asking for a helping hand. She may need to catch up on her sleep, or want to spend some time without anyone nuzzling her or jumping all over her, if the kittens are a bit older. 

She Trusts You 

A mother cat will never bring her kittens to just anyone. She will only present them to someone she trusts absolutely. Bear this in mind when she shows up with a kitten in her mouth: you are her chosen person, and she is bestowing upon you a great honor. 

A person playing with a cat

She Wants To Show Off 

Cats are not above showing off and prancing about when they have done something they are proud of. You will sometimes see your cat bringing you a sock, demonstrating their power to hunt it down and subdue it. When your cat brings you the kittens, they are essentially saying “look, human, look what I made”. 

We humans do the exact same thing. We like to brag about our babies, how fast they are growing, how well they are sleeping, how adorable their smiles are. When your cat brings her babies home for the first time, she will be bursting with pride. Tell her how lovely the kittens are and praise her for a job well done. 

They Need More Room 

If you’ve set your mother cat up with a nesting space, it may have become too small for her newly enlarged family. There may be more kittens than you have expected, or the kittens are perhaps getting bigger and need more room. 

The area could also be unhygienic or dirty. Try setting up a post-birthing suite for your cat and her family, where she can move the kittens after they are born. This will give you the chance to clean up the birthing space. If your cat is refusing to move, don’t disturb her, but try to clean up any mess. Be careful not to introduce any strange smells though, as that may upset the mother. 

She Is Socializing Them 

A mother cat will also bring you her kittens when she decides it’s time for them to start socializing with humans. The sooner kittens get used to these interactions, the better they are likely to behave in human company later in life. 

Kittens who have not been properly socialized at a young age are more likely to be afraid of humans or anxious around them when they grow up. They may be less cuddly and more independent, and may require more patience. 

When your cat brings you her kittens, make sure to be gentle with them. Show them there is nothing to be afraid of, pet them and play with them. The more you are able to do this the better. 

You Are One Family 

Your cat considers you a part of her family. When that family expands, it’s only natural that she will want to introduce everyone to each other. She’ll bring you the kittens to facilitate a budding relationship. 

Cats that spend a lot of time outdoors may need more time to decide it’s the right time to bring the kittens to your home. Give her all the time she needs and don’t try to go looking for the kittens. It may just make her move them to a different location that may be less safe. 

Why Is My Cat Bringing Me Kittens And Meowing?

If your cat is meowing while bringing you the kittens, she is just trying to get your attention. She still wants you to protect them and help her care for them, she’s just being more vocal about it. 

Unless your cat or the kitten is clearly in distress, don’t be alarmed if there is meowing involved in the introduction ritual. 

Why Does My Cat Bring Me Only One Kitten?

There can be two reasons why a cat only brings you one kitten. The rest of the litter may be sick and she has chosen to leave them behind, or there may be something wrong with the kitten she has brought you. 

If your cat has given birth elsewhere and only comes home with one kitten, it may mean the others have not survived, or that she knows they have a poor chance of surviving and has decided to leave them. This sounds very cruel to us, but it is pure instinct for cats. 

However, if you know there are other kittens (perhaps living in your home) and you only ever get brought one, make sure to invite a vet to examine it. There may be something wrong with this kitten that your cat wants you to be aware of. 

Why Does My Cat Bring Her Kittens To My Bed?

Your cat will bring her kittens to your bed because she considers it a safe, soft space. After all, she loves it, why wouldn’t she share it with her kittens. 

While you may find a litter of kittens in your bed slightly disrupting, try to look at it from the cute angle. Who wouldn’t want to wake up in a pile of soft, cuddly kittens? Be careful how you sleep around them of course, so as not to accidentally squish a paw or tail. 

Why Do Cats Move Their Kittens Around? 

The main reason cats move their kittens is for safety. Kittens are very vulnerable when they are first born, as they can’t yet open their eyes and are entirely dependent on their mother. If there are a lot of predators around, she won’t be able to protect them all.

This is why mother cats will often keep moving kittens around to ensure they are safe at all times. Conditions may change at one location, she may find another one that’s more suitable, or she may just be doing it preemptively, to cover their tracks so to speak.

How To Stop My Cat From Bringing Me Kittens? 

Don’t try to stop your cat from bringing you her kittens. This is a sign of love, respect and affection, and she also probably needs some help with them. Don’t refuse or try to drive her away. 

Your cat may sometimes choose a very inconvenient moment to bring you her kittens. A colleague of mine was once brought three kittens while he was in the loo. Their mother cat deposited them in the pants around his ankles without much ado, and promptly took herself off to sleep in the attic. 

Even if this happens, accept the kittens and look after them while the mother is away. You are bound to have lots of fun while kittensitting. 

Wrapping Up 

Seeing your cat arriving home with her kittens for the first time is a glorious occasion. Complement them and congratulate your cat on a job well done. Take care of the kittens and help the mom get some rest and recover. Enjoy all of your sublime kitten time: they do grow up too fast. 

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