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The Snuggling Habits of a Cat Named Sasha 

No matter how much we love our cats, or how adorable they can get, there are times when they simply become too much to handle. Granted, these scenarios are usually accompanied by an external factor: work was stressful, we’ve not quite slept, the fridge has finally decided to break down, and so on. 

The first time this happened to Sasha and I, it was a particularly dreary Monday. Now, before I actually get into the story, I need to tell you something about her first. 

Sasha was adopted at the age of around 5 months. She had been found with 10 other kittens, and they were all fostered by an amazing bloke who managed to feed, shelter and love them all in a quite tiny home. I’m happy to report that all of them have since been adopted and are enjoying adulthood being spoiled rotten by their respective owners. 

Sasha was described to us as intelligent, quiet and calm. Needless to say, she’s not at all quiet, but we’ll get into that some other time. 

Given her early life experiences, it’s no wonder she has some trust issues and that she remains frightened by some of her surroundings. However, she has come an incredibly long way, and we’re proud of her for making such strides. 

So, it should be no real wonder that she has the tendency to purr and bite at the same time. She doesn’t bite all that hard, but it’s certainly an unpredictable reaction, and you never know when she’ll decide she is no longer enjoying the snuggles. 

The first time her teeth came into contact with my cuddling arm was on the aforementioned Monday, when she decided it would be very fun to dig her claws into me as well, just to let me know she would prefer not to be pet. 

Needless to say, she shocked me out of contemplating whether there was enough petrol in the cat to get me to work without making a stop at a station, and I very nearly started yelling. Then I remembered this is not the cat I was used to living with for 14 years, a cat who would never bite unless specifically provoked by a toy, and only then in the absolute heat of tearing a stuffed mouse to shreds. 

Since then, Sasha and I have learned to bite less and remain calm. She still pushes my hand away with her back legs when she wants to, but she has sheeted her teeth. 

Similarly, she also has the tendency to roll around on the floor and ask to be pet, only to start wagging her tail in less than a minute, and move. She will then repeat the same process, ask for affection, and get fed up quite quickly. 

If your recently adopted cat is exhibiting the same type of behavior, the best remedy I can advise is patience. They may not be ready to cuddle with you for quite some time, but they will get there in the end. 

Another important habit to note is that you should really let them do things how and when they want to do them. 

Don’t pick them up when you feel like it, don’t ask them to come over or purposefully seek them out to cuddle. Let them come to you. 

This will of course be a waiting game, and you may not always feel completely satisfied in your cat relationship, but it does pay off in the end, trust me. 

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