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Marvel’s Third Pet(s) (On Loan) and a Story of Belonging

If my cousin ever reads this (hi June!), she won’t fail to point out a significant point of contention about the hamsters I was lucky enough to spend time with just before I started first grade. Namely, that they were...

Marvel’s Second Pet(s) and the Adventures of the Three Musketeers 

Having come to the realization I was perfectly willing to spend hours talking to a school of mute fish (which were my very first pets), my generous parents decided I could also reasonably be expected to enjoy spending my...

Marvel’s First Pet(s) and How They Changed Everything

The first pets my parents ever got me were some fish. I want to say they were goldfish, but I’m not absolutely certain on that point. I also want to say there were six of them, but don’t quote me...

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