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Are you a Cat Person or a Dog Person? (And Why You Need to Know) 

Chances are you have at least once in your life had a conversation about being a cat person or a dog person. You may even have taken an online quiz or two to get to the bottom of this life-altering query. 

Popular psychology has done a marvelous job of ascribing different personality traits to both categories, and the premise does admittedly make sense. After all, we will naturally choose a pet that matches our lifestyle and our temperament. 

A study has even uncovered that dog people tend to be more social, while cat people are considered more creative. Cat people tend to score higher on IQ tests, but they are also more likely to develop high blood pressure. Could it have something to do with the fact that dog people are required to take more daily walks? 

While cats are more popular in 91 countries (dogs coming up top in 76), both the USA and the UK, as well as Australia, are dog-lover countries. Cats reign in Canada though. 

Wherever you live in the world, join us as we try to answer the burning question of the hour: are you a dog person, or are you a cat person? The rest of your life may depend on it. 

Cat People Tend to Be Introverts

Cats are usually perfectly fine on their own. They may seek out company every once in a while and ask you to watch them eat, but they will also spend a large portion of their time doing their own thing. 

Similarly, cat people tend to be introverts, and prefer the company of only a select circle of people. They are often happiest when they are on their own, and can get overwhelmed by large crowds and a lot of activity. 

This doesn’t mean either cats or cat people are socially awkward or that they can’t thrive in a group: they just don’t need to bounce off others, and like to snuggle up with their own thoughts more often than not. 

Dog People are More Extroverted

Dogs are on the other hand pack animals, and will always be happiest when spending time with their family: human or canine. They love to make friends, can casually introduce themselves to others, and love to be at the center of all the action.

Dog people thus tend to be more extroverted, and love to recharge their batteries in social situations. They usually have an admirable circle of friends and acquaintances, and will prefer to spend their free time around others.

Cat People Like Their Independence 

They say you can never train a cat. While you can certainly teach them a fair few tricks under the right set of circumstances, cats will retain their independence and aloofness, and only ever really do what they want to do. 

Independence is also important to cat people. They don’t like to be restricted by schedules and timeframes, and prefer to have plenty of options available. They may not always know their own mind, but their adventurous and curious spirit will take them to all kinds of new places. 

As long as they have a clear route back to the safety of their personal sanctuary. 

Dog People Prefer to Lead 

While dogs seek out a pack leader in their human(s), dog people like to lead rather than be led. They are determined and resolute, and have clear goals and ambitions mapped out for themselves. 

They prefer to be the ones calling the shots, and don’t mind solving problems and offering help when it is needed. They like to follow the rules and can be more predictable than cat people. They are also less likely to make unconventional choices. 

Cat People are More Unconventional

Cat people tend to be the ones who make the less expected choices. Whether they work from home while everyone else is stuck in their 9-to-5 office jobs, explore a career that is not yet mainstream, or listen to, read and watch things that aren’t embedded in popular culture, they aren’t afraid to explore. 

They will not take kindly to boundaries, and prefer to be in charge of their own time and choices. When you consider the fact that cats will not shy away from watching you pee, eat or sleep, this may come as no surprise.

Dog People Prefer Structure and Predictability

Just like dogs need training and structure in order to thrive, dog people also prefer to work within a set system. They like their schedules and their calendars, and prefer to know what’s coming. 

They are better at sticking to the rules and can often do a better job in a career that requires working within a specific set of limitations. They may find creative and dynamic careers a bit more of a challenge.

Cat People Like to Relax

While neither cat people nor cats are lazy, they do like their down time. They will love to curl up with a good book or a good movie, and enjoy a quiet evening at home. They are perfectly fine without the excitement of a night out – although when they do hit the town, they tend to paint it red. 

They won’t necessarily hate exercising: but they will likely prefer their at-home routine, and forgo going to a gym. 

Dog People are High in Energy

Dogs (and dog people) love to spend time outdoors, love to be physically active, and love to try their hand at new activities. 

Walking, running, cycling, hiking and anything that involves a ball is considered to be the best possible leisure activity by this group, and you will rarely find them parked on the couch. If the weather allows it (and even if it doesn’t), they will be away from their house as often as possible.

Cat People are Creative and Imaginative

Cat people are often hailed as the more creative half of the dichotomy, and they find it easier to come up with novel ideas and innovative solutions. Being the non-conformist and free-spirited individuals they are, they love a creative challenge. 

You will find them working as writers, artists, musicians: in any role that allows them to work on their own, and unleash their inner mastermind.

Dog People are Efficient Planners

By contrast, dog people are the more efficient planners, and can devise a plan much more efficiently and effectively. They can think ahead, foresee all sorts of potential obstacles and setbacks, and adjust accordingly.

They are more suited to jobs that benefit from this trait: they can be excellent managers and are adept at climbing the corporate ladder in any industry. 

Cat People Can Be More Reserved

Cat people can sometimes appear shy, reserved, and even standoffish. While they may actually be quite friendly, their unique traits can pose some social challenges. 

They aren’t always comfortable outside their comfort zone, and feel best within their four walls, in the company of those who they know and trust. However, they can learn to accept new people and situations, and just like cats, warm up to them quite successfully. 

Dog People are More Outgoing

Both dogs and dog people can often find themselves the center of attention. They will feel quite natural in the limelight, and they will often seek out new situations and new acquaintances. 

Far from being a wallflower, they are the ones who walk up to the shy person in the corner and start a conversation. They love chatting to their barista, the person sitting next to them on the bus, and are usually perceived as friendly and approachable.

Cat People Value Affection

Cats and cat people place affection very highly on their list of needs and desires. They love to cuddle, snuggle and spoon, and shower their loved ones with plenty of tenderness. 

They are great huggers, and tend to be quite empathetic as well. When they let someone into their inner circle, they will demonstrate their appreciation as often as possible.

Dog People are Loyal

Dog people and their canine friends prize loyalty, and will stick with their pack no matter what. You can count on them in a storm, and rely on them to lend you a helping hand when you need it. 

As they are so outgoing and friendly, they also tend to attract a lot of attention, but they can be very picky about whom they choose to offer their allegiance to. 

Are You a Cat Person or a Dog Person? 

Have you recognized yourself as either a cat person or a dog person? Or have you perhaps discovered that you love dogs more, but share the personality traits of a cat person?

Worry not: whichever group you fall into, as long as a friendly canine or feline has identified you as a good human being, you have nothing to worry about. 

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