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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apples? Are They a Good Snack?

In order to thrive, guinea pigs need to eat a balanced diet on a regular basis. While it mostly consists of hay and pellets, they do also need to be eating different fruits and vegetables to get all the vitamins and minerals their cute bodies need. 

Are apples on this list though? Are they a good snack for our cavy friends, or should we find a different fruit they can munch on?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apples? 

Guinea pigs can eat apples a few times a week, as a snack. While they are full of vitamin C and definitely a healthy choice, they shouldn’t become a staple of your piggie’s diet.

Guinea pigs need to be eating (and consequently pooping) all throughout the day to stay healthy. They can’t go long without food, and need around 30 mg of vitamin C every day. 

Apples contain 4.6 mg of vitamin C in 100 grams, which makes them a very good choice for a guinea pig. The only downside is that, like all fruit, they also contain a lot of sugar. Eating too many apples can thus make your guinea pig fat, to put it bluntly. 

Overweight guinea pigs can develop diabetes, have trouble moving and grooming themselves, and have trouble breathing. This is why you should moderate their weekly apple intake, to find the perfect balance between the health benefits and potential downsides.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Green Apples?

While guinea pigs can eat green apples, the acidity in them may irritate their stomach and mouth. Opt for sweeter, red apples instead.

Green apples are just as healthy as red ones, but they are more sour. They may not be as tasty a snack as a sweeter apple might be, so aim to give your guinea red apples instead of green ones. 

You can of course offer your guinea a bite of a green apple and see how they handle it. Since their digestive system is so sensitive, you should be able to tell quite soon if they liked it or if they would rather eat something else. 

Can I Feed My Guinea Pig the Whole Apple?

You shouldn’t feed your guinea pig the whole apple. They can eat the flesh and the skin, but make sure to remove all the seeds. Also make sure to cut the apple into at least quarters before giving it to your guinea.

Guinea pigs shouldn’t be given an entire apple for several reasons. First, it’s too large a portion for them and they definitely don’t need that much in one sitting. The size of the apple may also pose a choking hazard. 

They also shouldn’t be given any apple seeds, so instead of throwing an entire apple into their cage, give them smaller chunks of around half a cup of apple. 

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apple Skin?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat apple skin. In fact, they will probably like this part the most.

An apple’s skin is very healthy, and it contains some healthy fibers that will be good for your guinea. You can peel the apple for them and give them the skin and flesh separately, or you can let them eat it as a whole. 

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apple Seeds?

Guinea pigs shouldn’t eat apple seeds, as they contain trace amounts of cyanide which will be toxic if eaten in excess. 

Don’t worry if your guinea pig has eaten a couple of apple seeds. They won’t be any the worse for wear. You shouldn’t make a habit of giving them the seeds though, as the tiny amounts of cyanide in them can accumulate and become an issue for a guinea’s small body.   

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apple Cores?

Guinea pigs can in theory eat apple cores, as long as you have removed all the seeds from it. 

Your best course of action is to give your guinea the peel and the flesh of an apple, as opposed to the core. You may leave a couple of seeds in there, which won’t be an issue in the short term, but making a habit of it can lead to the accumulation of cyanide in their tiny bodies. 

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apple Sauce?

No, guinea pigs can’t eat apple sauce. They shouldn’t be given any processed foods, as their digestive system isn’t equipped to handle it.

Home-made apple sauce is a bad idea as well due to the added sugar content, so if you want to give your guinea an apple, serve it to them fresh. Don’t give your piggie any cooked food. 

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apple Pie?

No, guinea pigs can’t eat apple pie, as they won’t be able to digest it, and it will make them sick. 

Guinea pigs are herbivores, so their digestive system is not equipped to deal with the milk, butter, sugar and other ingredients that would feature in an apple pie. They would be able to taste it and probably enjoy it, but they would feel rather ill afterwards. 

Fresh apples are the only way this fruit should be served to your guinea. 

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apple Tree Leaves?

Guinea pigs can eat apple tree leaves too. In fact, they are just as full of nutrients as the fruit, but have the added benefit of less sugar. 

Apple tree leaves are also delicious, rich in antioxidants and good for the digestive system of guinea pigs. They are also rich in calcium, so don’t give your guinea pig too many apple leaves in one go, as they don’t tolerate high calcium content well. 

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apple Wood?

Yes, guinea pigs can chew on apple tree branches. It’s good for their teeth and mental health. 

If you want to give your piggies apple tree wood to chew on, make sure you wash it first and eliminate any protruding sharp parts of the branch. 

Your cavy will consider this twig a great toy. They may play with it and chew on it, which will keep their teeth in check and provide some mental stimulation as well.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apple Chips?

Guinea pigs can’t eat apple chips, as they can only eat fresh fruit and veggies. They shouldn’t be eating any processed foods. 

A guinea’s digestive system isn’t built to handle anything that has been cooked, fried or otherwise processed. They are designed to get all their nutrients from fresh foods, so don’t give them anything that has been pre-packaged, or even something you have cooked yourself. Stick to unprocessed nutrients. 

Can Baby Guinea Pigs Eat Apples?

Baby guinea pigs shouldn’t be eating apples until they are at least 6 weeks old, but preferably even older. 

Baby guineas need milk or formula for the first 3 weeks of their life. Afterwards, you can slowly start to introduce hay and pellets, and gradually start giving them different fruits and veggies, apples included. 

What Age Can Guinea Pigs Start Eating Apples?

Guinea pigs can start to eat apples when they are 6 months old. Once they celebrate their first birthday, you can start giving them adult portions. 

Make sure to introduce every new food into your guinea’s diet slowly and one at a time. Monitor how they are feeling and what foods they like. Don’t forget you also need to keep their diet balanced, so you can’t keep feeding them the same fruits and veggies every day.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apples Every Day?

It’s best to offer your guinea pig apples a few times a week instead of every day. Apples are high in sugar, so you don’t want to give them too much.

Even the healthiest foods are bad when eaten excessively, so your best course of action is to offer a moderate amount of everything to your guinea pig. Try apples a couple of times a week, and give them other foods high in vitamin C as well. 

Do Guinea Pigs Like Apples?

Most guinea pigs love apples, so unless yours is especially picky, they should munch their portion down with relish. 

Don’t worry though if your guinea doesn’t eat their apples. You can try a different kind of apple, or simply offer them another fruit they like more. 

Are Apples Bad for Guinea Pigs?

No, apples are not bad for guinea pigs unless eaten in excess. Due to their high sugar content, they can make your pet overweight if they eat too many apples on a daily basis.

Eating too many apple seeds can also pose a problem for your guinea, as they can ingest too much cyanide. If you remove the pips though, and feed your guinea a small portion of apple a few times a week, they will be perfectly fine. 

Are Apples Good for Guinea Pigs?

Apples are very good for guinea pigs, as they contain a lot of vitamin C. Apple skins are also high in fiber, which will improve their digestion.

Other than the seeds of an apple, your little pet can enjoy the flesh, peel, leaf and branch of an apple (and its tree).

Recommended Serving Sizes 

Give your guinea pig around half a cup of apple chunks a couple of times a week. This will provide enough nourishment, but ensure they don’t eat too much sugar.

Don’t give your guinea apples every day, as their tiny bodies won’t have enough time to digest all that sugar. If you are feeding apples twice a week, make sure it’s not on consecutive days. 

You can either peel your guinea’s apple for them and serve the skin and small chunks of flesh separately, or leave it unpeeled. Don’t give them an entire apple, as it will both be too much, and there will be the pips to contend with. 

What Kinds of Apples Can You Feed Your Guinea Pig

You can feed your guinea pig both green and red apples. Since the red ones are sweeter, this may be the ones they prefer.

Green apples are just as okay for your guinea, but since they are more acidic, make sure not to give them too often, as they can cause stomach upsets. 

What Happens If My Guinea Pig Eats Too Much Apple?

If your guinea has eaten too much apple, they may have a bit of an upset stomach. Bloating and diarrhea are the potential side-effects, but both should resolve on their own.

Give them some time to recover and offer them plenty of fresh water. Remember that guinea’s can’t go without water for long, so always ensure there is a fresh supply. 

If your guinea seems unwell after eating apples, take them to the vet just to make sure they haven’t developed an allergic reaction or upset their stomach too much. 

Potential Hazards of Giving Apples to Your Guinea Pig

Since apples are high in sugar, they may lead to weight gain when eaten in excess. Their pips also contain trace amounts of cyanide, which is deadly in high doses.

The one issue with giving your guinea pig apples is that they are high in sugar, like any other fruit. Such a small animal won’t be able to process too much sugar well, and can develop diabetes. 

Consider the other fruits you are giving your guinea pig as well, and try to balance their meals so that they have enough time to digest all of it. 

Also remember that the seeds of apples contain cyanide, which will be harmful if eaten too often and too much. A couple of seeds should be okay, but even the seeds of two apples can be quite harmful. 

Health Benefits Of Feeding Your Guinea Pig Apples

Apples are rich in vitamin C and fiber, and they also have a high water content which is healthy for a guinea pig. 

Guinea pigs need around 20-30 mg of vitamin C per day (no less than 10 and no more than 50 mg). Without it, they will develop scurvy which will be lethal if untreated. 

Apples are a great way to add some extra vitamin C to their diet, although they will be getting most of it from their food which is enriched with it. 

The fibers in apples also help a piggie’s digestive system flush out toxins and improve their digestion. They are also good for their teeth.

Finally, apples have a high water content, which will keep your little friend hydrated and healthy. 

Wrapping It Up 

Give your guinea pig the occasional apple treat, but make sure not to overfeed them, as too much of a good thing is never a good thing, as we all know. 

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