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Can Cats Eat Bacon? Is It Harmful? 

Nothing beats a breakfast consisting of bacon and eggs, does it? In most cases, as you sit down to enjoy it, your lovely furry feline suddenly materializes by your side, artfully eying the bacon. 

What does a responsible cat owner do at this point? Do you share your slice of bacon, or do you fetch the cat food? Since cats want you to watch them eat, they will often be perfectly fine eating in the same room with you.

But what of the bacon? Can cats eat it, or is it too fatty, too salty, and just generally bad for them? 

Can Cats Eat Bacon?

Cats can eat bacon, but in small amounts and only occasionally. You should not feed your cat bacon on a regular basis.

Our beloved cats are carnivores, so they will enjoy all kinds of meat. However, bacon is just not the best food for them. It’s high in fat and can thus make your cat overweight and cause a lot of other health issues, when fed in large quantities. 

Giving your cat the occasional bite of bacon (ideally no more than the size of an eraser) won’t do them any harm. Just try not to give them bacon more than once a week. 

Can Cats Eat Bacon Bits?

Cats shouldn’t eat bacon bits, as they tend to be high in sodium and overly processed, which is not healthy for your cat. 

The bits of bacon we buy to sprinkle over salads are usually not as high quality as regular bacon. They have been processed to make them so tasty and crunchy, and they also come with added sodium. Since salt is bad for cats in large quantities, you should refrain from giving bacon bits to them.

Don’t worry if your cat eats a couple of bacon bits before you manage to stop them. A small amount is highly unlikely to hurt them. 

Can Cats Eat Raw Bacon?

While you should aim to feed your cat meat that has been thoroughly cooked, you can give them the occasional bite of raw bacon. Since it has no health benefits though, definitely don’t make it a habit. 

Uncooked meat can contain bacteria that can be harmful for your cat. However, the occasional bite should be just fine. What you should be considering is the benefit of feeding raw bacon to your cat: and there is none. 

Instead, give your cat treats that are actually good for them. You can find plenty of them both online and in your local pet store. 

Can Cats Eat Turkey Bacon?

Cats can eat a small amount of turkey bacon once per week, as it’s not the best choice of food for them. It’s high in sodium and fats that are bad for a cat’s health.

Turkey bacon is not really a better choice than the regular kind, so refrain from giving your cat too much of it. 

Cats Can Eat Bacon as Treats?

Cats can occasionally eat bacon as a treat. You can use it to reward them after they’ve taken a pill or been to the vet. Bear in mind that these calories add up over time, so you need to monitor their food intake. 

Cats love bacon, there is no question about that. This makes it a powerful treat that you can use to reward specific behaviors that only happen occasionally. For example, you can give them a bite of bacon after you come home from their yearly checkup at the vet (don’t give them bacon if they are not feeling well though). 

Don’t forget that bacon is very fatty, and that too much of it will make your cat gain weight. Monitor how much they eat, and balance out the treats you give them with their regular meals. 

How Much Bacon Can I Give My Cat?

You can give your cat a bite of bacon that is not larger than an eraser. This is big enough to be tasty, but still small enough to prevent overeating. 

If it was up to them, cats would wolf down an amount of bacon that is definitely not good for them. As a responsible owner, it’s your task to limit their consumption, and ensure they stay healthy. 

Note that it’s always better to give your cat cat-appropriate treats instead of human food. 

How Often Can I Feed My Cat Bacon?

Only give your cat bacon once a week, and don’t feed them more than an eraser-sized piece. This is enough to treat them without causing any health issues. 

Bacon really isn’t the most appropriate snack for cats, so if you absolutely must give it, only do so occasionally, never more than once a week. You can save it for those special occasions when your cat has behaved exceptionally well. 

How To Prepare Bacon For Cats?

You can both cook or fry bacon before you give it to your cat. You can also give them a piece you have prepared for yourself, as long as it’s not seasoned. 

Raw bacon may contain bacteria that can be harmful to your cat (and you as well), so always make sure to expose it to a high temperature. Remember that bacon isn’t the best treat for cats, so don’t go out of your way to prepare bacon specifically for them. Share a bite of your own if you absolutely want to. 

What Happens If Your Cat Eats a Lot of Bacon?

If a cat eats a lot of bacon, they may get sick and vomit. They may also be just fine, but note that they will have had way more calories than is good for them. 

The reason bacon is bad for cats is that it contains too much fat and too many calories for their small bodies. There is nothing toxic about it. So, the worst thing that can happen is an upset stomach. In the long run however, consuming a lot of bacon can make your cat overweight, which can lead to problems with their heart, lungs, liver and joints. 

Is Bacon Bad For Cats?

While bacon is not technically bad for cats, eating too much of it can cause issues with their health. Bacon is high in salt and fat, neither of which are good for your cat. 

Eating too much salt can lead to sodium poisoning in a cat, which can be quite dangerous. It can cause anything from excessive thirst and an electrolyte imbalance to vomiting and kidney issues. 

The large amount of fat bacon contains can also cause your cat to gain weight, which is never a good idea. Overweight cats live shorter lives, and they also face numerous health issues, compromising their quality of life. 

Should Cats Eat Bacon?

Cats shouldn’t eat bacon, as it contains too many calories and fats. A cat may not be able to spend all of them in a day, causing them to become overweight. 

The issue with bacon is that it’s fatty and full of salt, neither of which are good for cats. As cats tend to sleep through most of the day, especially as they get older, they may not have enough time to burn off the extra calories. This can make them overweight, and lead to a lot of health issues over time. 

If you insist on giving your cat bacon, make sure to do it sparingly and occasionally, and definitely don’t make it a staple in their diet. 

Wrapping It Up 

While bacon is not the worst thing you can give your cat, it definitely isn’t the best either. Only give your cat very small bites of bacon as a very special treat, as rarely as possible. 

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