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Can Cats Drink Oat Milk? Is It Better Than Regular Milk? 

Cats and milk: the eternal dilemma. We are so used to the idea that cats need to be drinking milk that we often forget that cats are also lactose intolerant. And while cats can drink lactose-free milk, what about all the other delicious kinds of milk we drink? 

What about oat milk? Is it a better choice than regular milk, or is it still a bad idea to give some to your furry friend? 

Can Cats Drink Oat Milk?

Cats can drink moderate amounts of oat milk, but bear in mind it is not beneficial to them in any way. While better than cow milk, it does not need to be a part of a cat’s diet. 

Cats are carnivores, and thus need lots of protein to thrive. They on the other hand don’t need to be eating plant-based foods, and can even have a hard time digesting them. Oat milk is also high in sugar, which can when abused lead to weight gain and diabetes. 

So, oat milk, since it contains no lactose, can be hydrating for your cat and certainly better than cow milk, but it also isn’t a necessity. It may have a bit of a benefit, but should not be a staple, rather the occasional treat. 

When giving your cat oat milk for the first time, see how they respond. If no stomach upsets follow, you can give them a couple of tablespoons every month or so. 

Can Kittens Drink Oat Milk?

Kittens shouldn’t have oat milk, as it is more likely to upset their sensitive stomachs. If they can’t drink their mother’s milk, give them kitten formula instead.

Oat milk is okay on occasion for adult cats, but kittens are not yet as adept at digesting plant-based foods and drinks. Truth be told, even adult cats are not actually masters at it, but their stomachs are probably not going to be as upset as a kitten’s might be. 

Kitten-specific formula is a safer choice if your pet can’t nurse for whatever reason. 

Is Oat Milk Safe For Cats?

Oat milk is safe for cats, as long as it is consumed in moderation. Too much of it may cause an upset stomach. 

Since cats are meant to be eating meats, not plants, those who have a more sensitive digestive system may have trouble with them. Diarrhea, vomiting, stomach cramps and bloating are the side effects you can expect. 

While a better choice than regular cow’s milk, since it is lactose-free, oat milk, especially the highly processed kind, can still prove to be an unwelcome treat. 

An upset stomach is however the worst that can reasonably be expected to happen. Unless your cat has an oat allergy, they won’t mind the occasional sip of oat milk. Remember though that it’s not nearly as beneficial to cats as it is to humans. 

Can Oat Milk Hurt My Cat?       

It is highly unlikely that oat milk will hurt your cat. They may experience an upset stomach from the high sugar content, but that’s the worst of it.

If you want to give your cat oat milk, make sure to do so in a very small amount. If they don’t have an upset stomach, you can give them a bit more in a couple of week’s time. 

Oat milk contains sugars that your cat just does not need. They will merely be adding to the total amount of calories they have consumed on a given day. Said sugar can, over time and if consumed in excess, lead to diabetes and cause your cat to become overweight, so make sure to limit it in your cat’s diet. 

Is Oat Milk Better For My Cat Than Regular Milk?

Oat milk is technically better than regular milk, as it is lactose-free, but it’s not actually the best choice either. Cats really don’t need any milk, so giving them oat milk will not make them healthier.

The problem with regular milk is that it contains lactose, a sugar that cats can’t digest due to the lack of the enzyme lactase in their digestive system. Since oat milk is naturally lactose-free, it is a better choice than cow’s milk.

However, it still does not have all the necessary nutrients a feline needs, so you can safely just scratch it off the list of foods and beverages you offer your cat. 

How Often Can I Give My Cat Oat Milk?

Don’t give your cat oat milk more than once a month. They really don’t need it, and will benefit more from drinking water.

The oat milk you buy at the store can be highly processed and cause the same amount of discomfort regular milk would. And since it does not have nearly enough of the nutrients a cat needs, it should certainly never serve as a meal replacement. 

Oat milk can be seen as an occasional, refreshing treat. Even then though, it’s better to give your cat something high in protein, than high in sugar. 

How Much Oat Milk Should I Give My Cat?

Give your cat no more than two tablespoons of oat milk in one sitting. If your cat is small or still very young, refrain from giving them oat milk altogether. 

While small amounts of occasional oat milk will not harm your cat, you don’t want them to be drinking too much sugar. Two tablespoons may not seem like a lot, but it really is more than enough for your cat. 

Do Cats Even Like Oat Milk?

It will really depend on the cat. Some of them will like it, others will be completely nonplussed by it. 

Cats can be quite picky about their food. Even when you give them the highest quality cat food, some will refuse to touch it. The same goes for oat milk. Some will understand that it’s safe to drink and want to try it, while others won’t see the benefit and will skip it completely. 

Is it Safe to Give Cats Homemade Oat Milk?

Yes, you can give your cat homemade oat milk, as long as it’s not more than a couple of tablespoons a month. 

Homemade oat milk is a better choice than the store-bought kind, as it will not be as processed and high in sugar. However, it is still lacking in all those nutrients a cat needs to thrive, so don’t worry about making some specifically for your feline. You can share yours on occasion, but definitely don’t make it a habit.

Can Cats Drink Vanilla Oat Milk?

You shouldn’t give your cat vanilla oat milk, as vanilla extract contains ethyl alcohol that can be toxic to cats.

Most vanilla flavored foods should be safe for your cat, in moderation. However, you should never actually give it to them, no matter what other articles on the internet tell you. 

Vanilla extract contains at least 35% ethyl alcohol. While not something we can even taste as humans, it can quickly become toxic to your much smaller cat, who can’t tolerate alcohol. 

Don’t give your cat vanilla oat milk, even if they do like the taste. 

Can Cats Drink Chocolate Oat Milk?

No, cats can’t drink chocolate oat milk, as it contains theobromine and caffeine, both of which are toxic to them in high amounts. 

Most dog owners know that chocolate is highly toxic to their canines. While felines may be in a slightly better position, chocolate is still on the list of foods they should never eat. 

Chocolate contains theobromine and caffeine. Theoretically safe in smaller amounts, they are both toxic when consumed in excess, and you don’t want to test the waters and figure out what excess really means.

Don’t give your cat chocolate oat milk, or anything else that contains chocolate. While it tastes great to us, cats really don’t need it, can’t even enjoy it, and will only feel sick after eating it. 

Wrapping It Up 

While not toxic to cats, oat milk is still not the best drink for them, as it’s plant based and contains sugar. Give your cat some water instead, it will be much more beneficial.

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