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Howdy everyone!

Marvel here, and welcome to Marvel’s Pets!

The website you are currently looking at started out as one of my pet projects with the working title of Marvel’s Cat(s).

But then I thought – how can I not write about dogs (I had two dogs at the time), how will they feel about being left out?

Then I thought back to all the other pets I had over the years, and the more I reminisced, the more it became apparent this would have to be a very large and far-reaching blog.

My first pets, as is the case for a lot of people I feel, were some fish (6 of them, if I remember correctly). They lived in a neat aquarium I was taught to clean and maintain.

From them, we graduated to a pair of turtles.

Then we were onto hamsters.

We adopted our first cat when I was seven.

Our first dog moved in when I was fifteen.

And ever since that awestruck boy first tried to get his fish to swim under the underwater drawbridge we had put in for their entertainment, all the way to the slightly ruffled and stubbly man typing at you today – hardly a day has gone by when an animal was not in my care.

I firmly believe my love for animals has made me the son, husband, father and man I am today.

It has also exposed me to the immense pleasure of chatting to thousands of people over the years, bonding over our love for this animal or that.

I always knew I wanted to start a blog, but when everyone was sort of doing it, and especially when everyone started making money off of it, I sort of put that idea on hold.

When we lost our cat a while back, something in me told me the time has come to dust it off and pick it back up again.

What it finally took to get me moving was a broken leg.

On a crisp December morning I found myself being rushed to hospital having fallen off our ladder (technically off our roof) while putting the Christmas lights up. Never in my life have I felt more like Homer Simpson.

Once discharged to recuperate at home, and after having watched everything I could possibly watch on Prime and Netflix, I started convincing my daughter it’s time to get this website going. She’s a writer by trade, so it didn’t take long to get her on board. Since then, we’ve been doing our best to combine our shared experience with animals and present them to our readers.

I do hope you have found your way here because you appreciate and treasure the furry and cuddly affection, genuine love and adoration, comic relief and honest comfort your pets selflessly shower upon you every day.

Or that you are about to adopt your first pet, and want to ensure you give them the best possible care.

Or that you just love animals as much as I do.

Here’s hoping we have a swell time together!


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